Jay and Ally


Jay Griggs

Jay Vincent Griggs has been singing since he could talk. Jay now has a rich baritone voice and he plays the upright bass. It’s amazing to watch audiences light up while watching Jay as he lays the solid foundation of the group’s acoustic set.

Jay has a real heart for ministry. He loves good singing and good music. Jay was saved at the age of 6 and loves to live for the Lord.

Allison Griggs

Allison Riley Griggs name was taken from Van & Jason’s favorite singers. Van’s favorite singer is Allison Krauss. Jason’s favorite singer is Tim Riley. Thus, she inherited the name Allison Riley Griggs.

Allison is more often referred to as Ally. Ally has a versatile voice and can sing a rich alto part or reach up to the stars and sing a high soprano part. Ally loves to sing. She’s been singing since she was old enough to talk. She’s playing mandolin and guitar with the group on their acoustic set. Allison is an absolute jewel. She is full of life, humor, and energy. Allison was saved ate the age of 7 as a result of the efforts of Vacation Bible School. Ally loves to work for the Lord.